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The Art of Cheeseboarding

Composing your cheeseboard

Don’t know where to start? Have a look at our effortless and exquisite cheeseboards for some ready- made combinations here.

Looking for more inspiration?

First, consider what you have planned for your main meal to determine the flavour profile. The lighter foods will want fresh, crumbly and lightly nutty flavours, while seafood loves cheese with a little sweetness naturally coming through. Meat dishes would have cheeses that are more robust with stronger flavours.

Then select your cheese. There is often a superstition around even and odd numbers on cheeseboards. 5 or 7 actually work well for a classic cheeseboard, more could be daunting your guests. Even one Boursin® can be the perfect end to a meal!

The key is to think of the cheeseboard as a wheel of taste. Start with a creamy cheese, then move on to a mild crumbly one, a robust hard cheese should follow, then a more strongly aromatic one before ending with the most powerful flavour of blue. Et voilà!

Cheeseboarders, grab your knives…

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