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  • Garlic & Herbs

    …wrapped in our signature foil. Slightly crumbly, but mostly creamy—Boursin Garlic & Herbs Cheese spreads easily onto your favourite cracker, pairs perfectly with most wines, and complements almost any recipe….

  • Black Pepper

    Delicious, creamy Boursin Black Pepper is an inspired choice for your cheese board! Soft white Boursin cheese packed with black peppercorns to give an extra kick to your taste buds….

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  • Christmas Creativity

    …If you’re looking for inspiration on how to elevate your favourite recipes, keep scrolling to unwrap some of our favourite festive feasts served up by friends and fans of Boursin….

  • Vertical Cheeseboard

    …festive food trend this Christmas. It can be easily adapted depending on the number of guests or occasion and recreating it is easy cheesy with our step by step guide….