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See in the New Year with Style

Whether you’re having a small gathering or a big bash, you need the right ingredients to excite your guests. Of course, that includes creamy, yet crumbly Boursin Cheese.

Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve. Start your party planning now with our helpful tips, recipes, and ideas.

  • Tinsel Drink Stirrers

    Stir up some sparkle. Cut small pieces of tinsel into ball-sized shapes, and add a dot of hot glue to the center before wrapping them around skewers or cocktail sticks.

  • Elegant Prosciutto Cups

    Line a mini muffin pan with half of a prosciutto slice and bake for 10 minutes at gas 6, 200°C. Add a scoop of Boursin and top with apricot jam and rocket.

  • Simply Boursin

    While New Year eve is filled with fireworks, glitter and glitz, not everything needs to be overdone. Boursin Cheese is perfect served simply with crackers.

  • Confetti-Toss Bags

    Add a little extra wow to your countdown by filling transparent bags with colorful confetti. Once the New Year rings in, shake the bags open for a little extra magic.