Inspiration: Vertical Cheeseboard | Boursin Cheese
Cheeseboard Tips

Vertical Cheeseboard

Summer Christmas Creativity

Create a showstopping centrepiece with MasterChef finalist, Giovanna Ryan.

The vertical cheeseboard is set to be the biggest festive food trend this Christmas. It can be easily adapted depending on the number of guests or occasion and recreating it is easy cheesy with our step by step guide.

  • 1: Themes and Flavours

    Giovanna chose; Sweet and Salty, French Classics and Christmas Flavours, but be as creative as you like. Then, think about flavours; Boursin’s delicate garlic, fragrant parsley and mild chives make it perfect for delicious flavour pairings.

  • 2: Colours

    Warm winter colours are lovely for this time of year: rust, reds, golds, and dark greens really complement the white of the cheese. It’s also good to add lots of greenery, so make sure you have herbs and spices as well as foliage-based decorations for a rustic feel.

  • 3: Positioning

    Place Boursin around the three tiers, leaving plenty of space between each. Use a mixture of sizes. Next, add other major elements. Figs taste delicious, and also tip the scale when it comes to aesthetics — cut them and pair with honey and cheese. Add depth with thinly sliced speck and saucisson. Scatter cranberries to create a beautiful colour contrast.

  • 4: Think About Carbs

    What will get that ‘share and enjoy’ moment going? Crackers, breadsticks, sliced baguette, sourdough? Nestle around the tiers, keeping some upright for height variation. Use dried fruit crackers to complement a sweet and salty theme.

  • 5: Get Creative!

    Sprinkle, grate, drizzle or scatter the finishing touches. Utilise different textures by adding herbs, spices, oils and nuts. Giovanna used whole almonds and walnuts as well as chopped hazelnuts mixed with rosemary.

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