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Sophisticated Cheeseboards

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Get Ready to Impress

Having a formal dinner, an elegant event, or just really want to knock the socks off your guests? A sophisticated cheeseboard is ideal for all three. The trick is to elevate your cheese choices and go for the uncommon.

Here are five cheeses that will impress any guest and pair perfectly together.

  • Boursin

    Made with authentic soft cheese and full of flavor, Boursin Cheese turns any cheeseboard into an elegant one.

  • Gruyere

    Gruyere is considered one of the finest cheeses in the world with its mature, nutty flavour.

  • Maconnais

    With a stronger aroma and light herbal, salty flavor, Maconnais is firm, creamy, and melts in your mouth. This cheese will definitely wow your guests.

  • Morbier

    Your knife will glide easily into a smooth and rich Morbier. An unmistakable single blue vein, you can uncover its earthy and nutty side by serving with fig and almond cake.

  • Shropshire Blue

    This russet-colored cheese with blue veining has a sharp, strong flavour and a slightly tangy aroma. It is the perfect grand finale for any occasion.