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The ‘Go Anywhere’ Cheeseboard

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Portable Cheeseboard in a Box.

This summer’s coolest recipe and a fantastic addition to any picnic basket, BBQ or outdoor special occasion is our ‘portable’ Boursin cheeseboard in a box.

Easy to make and easy to take with you to the park, beach or any outdoor party, this graze box style cheeseboard is a delicious, indulgent alternative for eating alfresco. As with any cheeseboard ideas, how you construct it is entirely up to you. Filled with crunchy salad sticks, crackers, fruits, charcuterie and, of course, your favourite Boursin French cheese, follow our guide to making your perfect portable picnic in a box.

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  • 1. Cheese

    Take one or two of our creamy, crumbly Boursin Garlic & Herb soft French cheese and remove all but the foil packaging. You’ll want to make sure your Boursin is as fresh as possible for your own Boursin Ritual moment.

  • 2. Box fresh

    Grab a cardboard or reusable box about the size of a roasting tin. Then line it with a couple of layers of parchment paper. Place your Boursin cheeses in the box.

  • 3. Crackers

    What’s better than huge dollops of Boursin on a cracker? Lots of crackers. You’ll want at least two types of crackers. But don’t stop there. Add fresh bread, or breadsticks or even treat yourself to some cheeky crisps.

  • 4. Salad

    Go for fresh, dippable summer salad selections – crunchy carrot sticks, cool cucumber, tangy olives, sweet peppers, even crisp, fresh fruits such as grapes and raspberries – whatever takes your fancy!

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  • 5. Moreish meats

    From humble hams to succulent salamis, the only limit is your tastebuds. Whether it’s cubes or slices, opt for a range of flavours that pack a punch. Or leave out the meats for a full on vegetarian version.